My creativity is a manifestation of my relationship with nature and the reverence I hold for it. I experience nature with all of my senses. These experiences nourish my perception of otherness. In turn, I hope to transubstantiate my empathy through emotion as intuitive and expressive content in my work.

My process is positioned to interrogate the dichotomous zone between the right and left hemisphere of the brain; the space of flux between real and illusion, spiritual and representation, present and past. I enjoy exploring the formal qualities of paint to elicit its plasticity as metaphors and proxies for human and nature reciprocity.

Diverging my traditional sensibilities rooted in classical realism, I aim to employ the vitality and physical application of color as the life giving force to my subjects. My subject matter is simply a conduit for my empathy.

Inspirational Quotes

“My art is grounded in the belief of one universal energy which runs through everything: from insect to man, from man to spectre, from spectre to plant from plant to galaxy… My works are the irrigation veins of this universal fluid. Through them ascend the ancestral sap, the original beliefs, the primordial accumulations, the unconscious thoughts that animate the world”
Ana Mendieta

“People look at nature from a very utilitarian point of view and see what is good for them and seek to manage it rather than protect it. I want to move people to a more experiential philosophy of the natural world, that way you can protect it. And if you want to protect it, go out in it.”
Satish Kumar

“Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations.”
Paul Cezanne

“For the artist, communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human; himself nature; part of nature within natural space . . . Man painted and danced long before he learned to write and construct. These senses of form and tone are his primordial heritage”
Paul Klee